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Updating Tort Law For Advances in Prosthetics (Cyborgs)

This article is reprinted with permission by the New York Law Journal from an article that was published on August 28, 2015.

In 2009, the CBS news program 60 Minutes profiled the former Director of Veterans Affairs Fred Downs, who lost his left arm in Vietnam. He had relied upon a hook style prosthetic for four decades, when he strapped on a new prototype robotic arm and picked up a bottle of soda and raised it to his lips. In a subsequent episode, when recalling that moment, Downs became emotional, telling reporter Scott Pelley “the feeling is hard to describe, for the first time in 40 years, my left hand did this [grasping]…it felt so good to move my arm again”. Pelley noted Downs had said “moved my arm again”. Pelley asked if it actually felt like his arm. Downs emphatically responded “it did, it felt like my arm, it was me.[i]Continue reading

G&S Obtains Jury Verdict against a 92 Year old Woman in Favor of Client Landlord in Trip and Fall Accident in Supreme Court, Queens County

Plaintiff, a then 87 year old woman, fell on July 2, 2010 in front of the assured’s building allegedly due to a raised handle on cellar doors which our client had utilized earlier that day resulting in facial injuries, including a fractured orbit, and a fractured right elbow.  She argued that our client owned the building and had opened the cellar door for a tenant on the day of the accident despite the door not having been used in the 5 years prior to the accident. Plaintiff testified that after her accident, our client’s daughter pushed the door handle down in an attempt to hide evidence of fault. Continue reading

Christopher Adam Blackman, 1978 – 2015

Christopher Adam Blackman, one of Gordon & Silber, P.C.’s most respected associates, lost his long and brave fight with cancer on August 1, 2015.  Christopher, age 37, was as a veteran five year member of the G&S general liability team.   He was known as a fine lawyer, who notwithstanding a gentle soul, zealously represented his clients in a professional manner while maintaining the utmost integrity and perseverance. He was hard working, friendly, humble and generally a great guy to work with. We will not ever forget his mischievous, smiling eyes and hearty laughter.  One of the great pleasures of working with Chris was finding the great depth of his personality behind his professional exterior.  His incredibly dry wit and sense of humor.  His collegiate football career at Hamilton College.  His prowess on the golf course, the ski slopes, running the marathon, his sailing.  But nothing told more of Chris, the man, than meeting his beautiful wife Julia,  who he absolutely adored.  After he became ill and could no longer work, seldom did a day go by when someone either in court or at an insurance company did not ask about him and mention what a decent man he was and how much they enjoyed working with him or against him and how good he was at practicing law.

Chris will be forever commemorated on the firm website, a model attorney, friend and husband. He will be remembered at G&S as a man of the highest quality character and integrity.  During his long fight, we kept his office ready, hoping that he would return to it, and to us.  He will be greatly missed by his fellow attorneys as well as the entire staff.