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G&S Obtains Dismissal of Wrongful Death Claim on Behalf of New York Municipal Defendants – No Special Duty

Lawrence S. Wasserman and Nicholas J. Ajello recently obtained dismissal of a wrongful death claim on behalf of The City of New York, New York City Police Department, New York City Fire Department and the City of New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Supreme Court, Queens County.

The case, Lois M. Rosenblatt v. The City of New York, et. al. (Index No. 5798/2013), involved plaintiff’s-decedent, a then 96-year old female who was under the care of a private home health aide.  When the decedent started choking on food fed to her by the home health aide, the aid called an ambulance and was provided instructions on what to do, but by the time the ambulance arrived, the decedent had become anoxic and fell into a persistence vegetative state before ultimately passing away. Continue reading